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24 Discussion is a community dedicated to the discussion and debate of the television show “24” (fairly self-explanatory, that) and the fandom devoted to it. As such, we have a few rules:

- No one-line posts.
- Please use proper spelling and grammar. Also, keep down on the profanity. We can't have an intelligent discussion if we're cursing each other out.
- No flaming or harassing other members.
- Do not post icons, fan fiction, news (unless you're going to discuss it), or advertisments for your own community.
- If you have questions about what song was played in an episode, when DVDs will be released, new cast, what happened in recent episodes or things of that nature, twenty_four may be a better place for it.

24discussion is to discuss the deeper aspects of the television show 24. This means the relationship between characters, the themes in the show, the political and social aspects of the world the 24 characters habit are all up for discussion here.

It's also to the discuss the 24 fandom. This means trends and themes in 24 fanfic and among the fans as a group. This does NOT mean it's a place to talk about which board sucks or what fanfic author you hate. Keep that to your personal journal.

Discussions should remain on-topic, interactions with other members civil. Politically, mind other people's toes.

Punishments and rules regarding spoilers are still being discussed--however, use common sense. If you think something is spoilery, especially for people overseas, put it behind a cut.

To contact the mods, email us at 24discussion @ gmail . com

Now let's get debating!