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Twenty-four Discussion
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15th-Jan-2006 12:07 pm - ANNOUNCEMENT
Posting access has been changed to MODERATED because of tonight's season premiere.

We will try to get to all posts in a timely fashion.

Also, remember, this is a place to discuss things related to 24, therefore posts should be things that generate discussion. (That clears up the name of the community.) Any posts that do not meet this criteria will be deleted.

Finally, for any comments, questions or concerns we can be reached at 24discussion @ gmail . com.

Thank You.
5th-Jan-2006 09:32 pm - Joe Klein's latest column in Time
When Hollywood Gets Terrorism Right

The column mentions 24, so I thought it could be an interesting discussion. So have at it.
5th-Jan-2006 02:54 pm - Edgar
Does anyone know if Edgar will be in this upcoming season??

I was a big fan of him & his awkwardness in season 4!!

Thank you and yay for season 5 being so close!!
28th-Nov-2005 08:24 pm - Thoughts on Kim
kim and jack by singingrl
So I was in chat tonight and suddenly a small plot from season one I'd always kind of thrown away as a gamble for attention/sympathy struck me a different way. In the first ep of season one, Kim's on a date with Rick and...

Kim Bauer: No reason. My father surfs........surfed.
Rick: He can't anymore or he's too old.
Kim Bauer: My dad's dead.
Rick: Hey my bad.
Kim Bauer: It's okay. He was this really great guy...Six months ago he...

Now, the question becomes, why would she say that? I always thought it was for attention or a way to get sympathy from Rick but I was thinking tonight and I have a different theory. I think the six month thing is important - why? because it's the length of time her parents were apart - one could imagine that she didn't really see him much. The other important thing is the change from surfs to surfed -- I think six months is probably wrong here, it's more like a few years since he surfed. The truth is that whoever Kim grew up with was not the man who was around from about 13-15. However, she spends most of the start of day one trying to get his attention. She almost screams "notice me, pay attention to me, notice that I need you..." and if her performance in school/dating a guy like Vincent/having pre-rolled joints in her desk are pretty clear cries for help.

In case we needed more proof her password: LIFESUCKS, pretty much all the earmarkings of an emo kid who probably wrote bad poetry about her parents and her teenage problems. I'm sure on her computer was something like: "The darkness surrounds me and I want to cry but no one will listen to my tears..."

There is however some irony here, in that after day one, when there's a really good reason to pay attention to her, to have sympathy for her, for her to feel really terrible - she probably pushed everyone away. So this girl who spent most of the beginning of the season looking for her dad's attention now when he wants to be there for her...won't let him. Although, I admit that it's possible post-day one Jack really couldn't be there for her.

But the important thing is that she'd finally gotten used to that other person, the one that had been around since she was 13, who was distant, who was different, who didn't surf anymore...and now he's been replaced with yet another version. It takes her a long time to warm up to this other version, one who was open in some ways and very distant in others, but she accepted that he would always be changed. Suddenly, he goes on an undercover mission and when he gets back, she's dealing with an entirely different man. This last change is when she realizes she doesn't really know him at all. And each change has been for the worse, not better.

If we remember that earlier in day 3 she argues with Chase that she knows her dad and he tells her that she doesn't - it's easy to see why their relationship is shaky afterward. Also, there's a gradual separation through the day and that's probably a whole different post about Chase taking her father's place in her life and maturity and growing up.

s4 Jack is diferent still, although probably closer to the dad she might remember. But since we don't see any interaction at all in s4 I have to speculate and say that in some ways between 3 and 4 they rebuilt their relationship. In each season, she's also almost lost him -- s1, s2, s3...and finally s4.

It's just ironic that the teenage girl we met in s1 who wanted attention, love, and sympathy found, when she had some real tragedy in her life, that she just wanted to get away.
25th-Aug-2005 10:26 am(no subject)
In a recent discussion, birdseyeview said she thought season 4 was fan fiction, and the more I think about it, the more I agree. The relationships in season 4 were not developed. At all. They gave us relationships and expected us to take it without questioning how they had materialized and how they functioned. For example: Bill and Michelle? Tony and Jen? And why were Jack and Tony friends all of a sudden?

Cosmic brotherly cynergy whut!Collapse )
25th-Aug-2005 09:43 am - MOD NOTE
Again, this is not a community to ask for information about actors, release dates or music. This is a community to discuss topics relevant to the development of the show, i.e. characterization, plotting, directing, etc. Any post that asks for information on the actors or release dates of the show, or anything that does not allow for intellectual discussion on the artistic merit of the show, will be deleted.

Thank you.
5th-Aug-2005 03:20 am - Palmer
I was reading a recent post on fanthropology about race and fanfic and it reminded me of something that always confused me about the 24 fandom.

Why is there so little fic about David Palmer, his wife or his family?

Palmer was a main character for three years, a fan favorite, portrayed by a great actor who is possibly the most recognizable after Kiefer Sutherland and he had a major storyline in all four seasons. Yet I've seen maybe a dozen fics about him or his wife and five of those were written by me.

Why is this?

It could reflect the writing of the character but again, the same people who write David Palmer write Michelle Dessler and while we know much more about the former there is more fic about the latter. David Palmer was as well-developed and well-written as any of the other characters in the main cast, in my opinion.

Does it reflect on the fandom itself? Is David Palmer not considered as compelling of a character due to his storylines? His age? His role in the show? His lack of a love interest most of the time?

And why am I the only person I know who has attempted to write Sherry?

As I mentioned, the post that got me thinking about this dealt with race and how non-white characters were ignored by fanfic writers. I wondered if that could also be a part of the reason there is such a dearth of fanfic about the Palmers.

Because really, it's odd there's more fic about Ryan Chappelle than there is for Sherry and David Palmer combined. Although, that is my fault to a degree...
5th-Aug-2005 02:10 am - Mod Notice
Hello! Just a note from one of your neighborhood mods.

There seems to have been a little confusion as to what this community is for and I've updated the profile to reflect that.

This is not the place to ask when the DVDs are coming out, what car someone was driving or who played what character in what episode. For those questions twenty_four might be more appropriate.

As some of you may have noticed, I've done some culling of recent posts, this is to prevent confusion in the future. (ie: I thought it was ok to post this since I saw other posts like it blah blah blah.) As a warning, off-topics may be deleted in the future as well.

What this community is for is to discuss the "deeper" aspects of the show. Themes and symbolism, plot arcs, character relationships and things like that. Also, since the show is off air several months out of the year and that can make it more difficult to discuss the episodes themselves, we're opening it up to discussing the fandom as well. That means trends in the fandom and themes in fanfic related to 24.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?
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