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Twenty-four Discussion
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23rd-Feb-2007 10:43 pm - Characters, TWoP and Fandom Logic
After an interesting discussion on TWoP about why certain characters are unpopular in the 24 fandom, I decided to make a poll.

It's not very scientific and right now it doesn't have much purpose other than my own curiosity but I'd like for as many people to take it as possible.

A Poll on 24 Characters, their Popularity (or lack thereof) and Fandom Logic

7th-Feb-2007 07:41 pm - An article to discuss :)
Monthly Tsuki (Purple New Year)

This article raises the question once again if 24 is a liberal or conservative show.  Since the writer gives a lot of good examples where the conservatives are using 24 as their own platform, do you think that the writers allow their own political leanings to play any part in the storyline or do they really just go with what sounds the most exciting?  

22nd-Aug-2006 10:13 am - 24 article on salon.com
I found an interesting article at www.salon.com. I don't really agree with what it says, but I thought it might be interesting to read. And maybe discuss. :)

Spoilers for Season 5 included.

24: Time's upCollapse )
19th-Jul-2006 12:42 am - TVGuide Picscans! ~ week of 24 july
scans from this week's TVGuide. more scans at my LJ.

Ausiello Report ~ 24... SPOILERS!Collapse )

15th-May-2006 05:23 pm - 24 and politics
I found this very good artikle about 24 and politics on the net today. It's from The New Republican and I thought you might be interested in reading it too.

Usually I don't very much agree with the authors, if they try to squeeze the show into the politics of our real world, but this article brings it to a point, imho.

The Politics of 24Collapse )

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29th-Mar-2006 06:50 pm - office politics and 24
I spotted this post on Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog and thought I'd throw it out there for discussion.
31st-Jan-2006 10:12 pm(no subject)
Hello 24 fans!

So, I am presenting a project/dissusion about the use of torture in one of my classes later this week, and I am planning on showing a few short Jack-Torturing clips to spark ideas and generate disscussion topics.

That said, does anybody have ideas of any good 24 scenes involving torture (preferably for "matters of national security"-type) from seasons 1-4 ?

My main focus scene so far is the last few minutes of the first episode of season 4 (terrorist giving-in to Jack about the information about the attack...)

*Also, I'm trying to avoid the Jack-being-tortured in s2, because that spreads over too many scenes...

If you have any ideas, please let me know... and if possible, which episode they came from!

Thank you!
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