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Twenty-four Discussion
Beloved Tochelle 
21st-Jan-2006 02:44 pm

Last week was very hard for me to watch at first, mainly because Michelle is my favorite character (im still in denial about her death...), with Tony at a close second. I just wanted to know, what do all of you think is going to happen?

My hypothesis:
~ When Tony gets out of surgery, we find out that Michelle was pregnant, so something equally tragic and heart-breaking (and there will have to be at least one Tony breakdown over her death, right? -which will be shattering but beautiful im sure...).
~ Then Tony makes a "24" type recovery, but on a Jack Bauer persona, and try to get revenge on the people who killed Michelle...

I'm still not sure whether or not Tony will/ or if i want him to end up dying today. Dont get me wrong, i've been a Tony fan since season one, and because I love him, It would be horrible to see him go-- but then again, if he is sans Michelle, it just doesn't seem right either, and is very sad... (and even worse, what if he is in upcoming seasons and he's *GASPP* moved on?!?)

On the other hand, if he dies, it would be tragic, but Tochelle would be together, which is almost a tragic/happy ending for their story...

What do you all think?

22nd-Jan-2006 01:38 am (UTC)
I suppose the pregnancy thing would be a possible twist...

Tony really ought to remain in bed today, he's critically injured...

Maybe next season he can go on a deathwish roller-coaster, ala Jack in season 2.
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